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Lake Zurich - 1,500 Meters EARLY GUN - for Udder Century Triathletes

Many triathletes have expressed an interest in participating in A Long Swim - Lake Zurich but are concerned about also participating in the Udder Century event as an important training ride in their preparation. To accommodate those triathletes A Long Swim is offering a special 1,500 meter swim with an EARLY GUN at 6:45AM so those triathletes can complete the swim, get their professional time, and participate in the Udder Century event in mcHenry. (Day of registration is allowed for a slightly higher fee.)


The course is professionally timed for the distance of 1,500 meters. This is the perfect opportunity for triathletes and open water swimmers to guage their training under race conditions. This event features a DJ, a healthy food truck breakfast, and a unique vendor village.

Lake Zurich is a private residential lake that is 2.5 miles in circumference and with pristine water.

A Long Swim is a series of open water swimming events benefiting ALS research. These swims are designed for triathletes and open water swimmers, are professionally timed, and led by English Channel Swimmer, Doug McConnell.

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