Announcing A Long Swim Sponsor E-Shark Force

E-Shark Force is the latest in electronic shark deterrent technology.  Invented by Wilson Vivano in 2005, he has perfected it over the last 11 years.  The device is wearable, affordable and used by professional swimmers, surfers, stand up paddlers, snorkelers, scuba divers, and explorers as well as recreationalists.  It keeps humans safe AND it keeps sharks safe too.  Our team met with Wilson in Hawaii and we're confident that this is the right technology for the conditions of our swim.  

World Class Open Water Marathon Swimmer, Adam Walker, uses E-Shark Force’s technology.  “I am passionate about the safety and conservation of sharks.  I have worn the E-Shark Force unit across some of the most shark infested swims in the world.  During the 26 mile Ka'iwi Channel Swim in Hawaii, it kept me feeling safe in the 17 hours of swimming, even though I had two separate shark signings.” 

Doug McConnell will wear this one pound device around his ankle for the duration of the Ka'iwi Channel Swim, day AND night.  "After years of no shark activity, the Ka'iwi Channel recently has had a series of curious tiger sharks that we just as soon not deal with. We believe E-Shark Force is the technology to use to address this challenge."  

We welcome E-Shark Force as an A Long Swim sponsor!