Medtronic Hops Aboard for a Two-Fer

Last Friday, it came true.  We are pleased to announce that Medtronic, headquartered in Minneapolis, has partnered with A Long Swim as a corporate sponsor.

Some quick background:  we had the idea of approaching Medtronic because its Prestige replacement disc, of which I was the grateful recipient last February, helped make it possible for me to use my left arm again, which, in turn, is pretty important to swimming the English Channel (see “Pain in the Neck” below).  The company also pioneered the field of neuromodulation, and in addition to a number of therapies including deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease and dystonia, conducts research that may, someday, help us better understand other neurological disorders like ALS.

The good folks at the Les Turner Foundation connected us with some very senior people at Medtronic where we discovered the company’s Mission “alleviate pain, restore health and extend lives,” aligned not only with what I’ve been through, but also what A Long Swim is attempting to do.

As a sponsor, Medtronic will match funding of up to $50,000 to A Long Swim.  That means that for every dollar we raise for ALS research from other people, Medtronic will match it.  Every dollar becomes two.  Every donation becomes double.  Every contribution is a two-fer.

This is pretty humbling stuff.  It is an endorsement for which I cannot find words to express my gratitude.  Most of all, I am thrilled that all of the pieces have come together.

See you at the pool.  I will report back.