Swimming in Ink

All of a Sudden, We Are Swimming in Ink.  Good Ink.

A Long Swim has been found by the media.  A magazine article came out, and it is really well done.

Our local magazine, Quintessential Barrington, has picked up on the English Channel swim story.  With both Don Macdonald (my Channel swimming partner) and me both being from Barrington, both swimming the Channel, at the same time, it is a pretty interesting novelty.  While we get immersed (no pun intended) in the daily grind of training, sometimes it takes someone from the outside to ask those probing questions, like “You’re gonna do what?  Are you nuts?”

Every other month, Lisa Stamos, the Publisher and Editor of Quintessential Barrington, turns out this beautiful, glossy magazine that falls into the “more-fabulous-than-we-deserve” category, and she and writer David Rutter really captured the story.  In addition to some Channel trivia that even I didn’t know, they did a nice job in highlighting the District 220 Foundation and the Les Turner ALS Foundation as Don’s and my chosen charities.  Susan’s pictures are terrific, and show everything but how cold the water is.

Check out the magazine at www.QBarrington.com, and the article at www.qbarrington.com/pdf/ma11-the-ultimate-swim.pdf.  Seeing it in black and white somehow makes the whole thing so much more real.  As Don said when he saw the article, “Yikes.  There’s no turning back.  I guess we’re really committed now.”

Read it.  Like it.  Comment on it.

See you at the pool.  I will report back.