A Long Swim - Three Oaks, Crystal Lake - 1,500 meters, 1.2 and 2.4 miles set for Sunday, June 25

Over 100 swimmers and triathletes are expected on Sunday, June 25, for A Long Swim – Three Oaks, Crystal Lake. Registration begins at 6:00am, and the event begins at 7:00am. Attached is a map of the swim course, along with the following explanatory bullet points:

·         The events will start at different times; the 2.4 mile swim will be at 7:00am, the 1.2 mile swim will start at 7:30am and the 1,500 meter swim will start at 7:40am.

·         Our goal is to have 50 or fewer swimmers per starting wave; registrations may dictate that we split an event into multiple waves.

·         We will utilize an in-water start in the location at the gate as indicated on the map. 

·         Swimmers will be logged onto the course as they cross the timing treadle on the beach, but the clock will only start when the horn sounds.

·         The finish will be logged when the swimmers cross the timing treadle on the beach.

·         All swims will be counterclockwise.

·         As swimmers will swim multiple laps of the course, the beginning of each lap will be the original starting line.

·         When swimmers have completed their required number of laps of the course, they will exit the course through the gate and swim to the finishing archway on the beach.

·         All corner buoys will be kept to the swimmers’ left shoulders.

·         There will be 10 lifeguards in kayaks around the course, and three motorboats also with safety personnel.

.          We have a secured gear area for your peace of mind. #wegotyoucovered

Registration is encouraged on line for the lowest price plus the opportunity to fundraise for ALS to earn triathlon gear and wetsuits.  

Registration is here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-long-swim-three-oaks-crystal-lake-1500-meters-12-miles-24-miles-open-water-swim-event-for-tickets-33105936748

Fundraising/Donor opportunities are here: https://www.crowdrise.com/alongswim

Corporate sponsorship opportunities should be directed to Douglas McConnell.