A Long Swim Announces 3 Summer Open Water Swims In Chicagoland

A Long Swim announces three open water swim events with distances of 1,500 meters. 1.2 miles and 2.4 miles for triathletes, open water swimmers, and athletes.  All courses are professional timed for the perfect opportunity to gauge training under race conditions.  Wetsuits are welcome at all events. The venues with registration links are: 

A Long Swim - Lake Zurich - June 4

A Long Swim - Three Oaks - Crystal Lake - June 25

A Long Swim - Tower Road Beach - Winnetka - August 6

On line registration is encouraged and do of registration is allowed. While the rest of the Chicago area is sleeping, doors open at 6:00am and the swim begins at 7:00am. Registration costs range between $50-60.  

A Long Swim is a series of open water swimming events benefiting ALS (Loud Gehrig's) research and are led by English Channel Swimmer, Doug McConnell. Each swimmer has an opportunity to fundraise and earn a package to waive their registration fee and earn triathelon and open water swimming gear, including wet suits, on course goggles and transition bags. 

Each event location offers pristine water conditions. Lake Zurich is a private residential lake, Three Oaks is a rock quarry and Tower Road Beach faces challenging Lake Michigan.  

Sponsorship opportunities await corporations wishing to appeal to a very focused demographic of athletes.  Contact Doug McConnell for information. 

NOTE: The media is welcome at all events.