Nantucket to Martha's Vineyard

Nantucket to Martha's Vineyard Signature Open Water Swim

The Nantucket Sound is known for its tidal currents, which make it a challenging swim to navigate. It also has abundant wildlife, including sharks. Lion’s Mane jellyfish make their home in the Nantucket Sound, and the swimmer encountered more than 100 of them with scrape-like stings. 


8 hours
30 minutes



The weather conditions on Saturday afternoon were rugged. The wind was coming from the northeast at 15 knots, so there were noticeable whitecaps on many of the waves. The tide is always moving, and when the tide and the wind are not aligned with one another, the seas can be “confused.” These were the conditions we had during our English Channel swim, which made for very challenging conditions for several hours. The seas are lumpy and waves even at three or four feet are without rhythm or consistency. As we slowed the boat to swimmer speed, it was hard to control and some waves even washed over the bow. Crewing on the escort boat for a marathon swim is always an unpleasant job, and these conditions would have been extra difficult. As for the kayakers, it would have been everything they could do to maintain control and even stay upright.
Doug McConnell
Executive Director