Open Water Signature Series

Doug McConnell was the 89th person to complete the
“Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming”

Douglas McConnell, with the help of his A Long Swim Team, became only the 48th person over age 50 to swim the English Channel, in 14 hours that were divided between heavy waves and pitch black darkness.

The success of the English Channel swim inspired the A Long Swim Team to continue with marathon swims, including the 24-mile length of Tampa Bay, the 21-mile distance of  the Catalina Channel in California, and a 29-mile circumnavigation of Manhattan Island in New York City.  The swims of the English Channel, the Catalina Channel and Manhattan Island make up the “Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming,” of which Doug was the 89th person to complete, and only the 15th person to complete all over the age of 50.

In addition to his Triple Crown swims, McConnell has swum the Ka’iwi Channel, the length of Tampa Bay and Nantucket Sound.

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Past Signature Swims by Doug McConnell:

Open Water Signature Series​ Stats

Tampa Bay
24 miles10 hours, 45 minutes32,122April 2011
English Channel21 miles14 hours, 18 minutes40,538August 2011
Catalina Channel21 miles12 hours, 41 minutes36,917September 2012
Manhattan Island29 miles9 hours, 29 minutes29,611June 2014
Ka'iwi Channel32 miles16 hours, 3 minutes52,228July 2016
Nantucket Sound18 miles8 hours, 30 minutes22,376August 2019