Sponsored Athlete Program

Our Sponsored Athlete Program

A Long Swim sponsors athletes participating in a variety of events including, open water swims, marathons, triathlons and Ironmans. Because of the individuality of each event, our program is custom-tailored to each Participant.

Each Participant will receive a custom, personalized fundraising site to facilitate online donations and reflect their own relationship with ALS and the A Long Swim organization. Fundraising will primarily be done using that website, social media, email marketing, and face-to-face solicitations. View our Sponsored Athlete Program HERE.

By joining our Sponsored Athlete Program, A Long Swim provides each participant with:

  • Paid entrance fee to your event, up to $300
  • A Long Swim branded gear, specific to your sports.
  • Fundraising tools and support to reach your goal
    o Access to A Long Swim’s Sponsored Athlete coordinator, Kate Himes
    o Personalized fundraising site
    o Templates for social media and email
  • Additional incentives provided at thresholds over $1,500.

Athlete must fill out a packet of forms, which can be found HERE. These forms include a sign-up form, fundraising MOU and credit card form*.

*Each Participant is required to raise a minimum of $1,500, prior to their event. If this goal is not met through fundraising, the Participant will be personally responsible for the balance owed. A Long Swim reserves the right to charge the balance owed to the Participant’s credit card.


$1,500 Level
Level 1 – Minimum amount raised by each Participant

  • Paid entrance fee to your event (up to $300)
  • A Long Swim branded warm up jacket, warm up bag, and hat

$5,000 Level – Level 2

  • All Level 1 incentives
  • A customized, event specific essentials pack filled with items of your choice (up to $500)

$10,000 Level – Level 3

  • All Level 1 and 2 incentives
  • Entry fee, travel costs and lodging for you and your bike to any event in the continental United States (up to $1,500)

$10,001+ Level

Custom packages available