A Long Swim Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors have the opportunity to support A Long Swim and, therefore, affiliate themselves with a creative nonprofit with an out-sized profile.

A Long Swim has a simple mission: ““To use open water swimming to raise funding for collaborative ALS research.” Our goal is to link a niche sport like open water swimming, with a niche disease like ALS. A Long Swim is well on its way to building that bridge.

As discussed elsewhere on this website, A Long Swim hosts Signature Swims, Open Water Summer Series Swims, and Sponsored Athletes. A sponsor of A Long Swim will have access to participants with very attractive demographics:

  • Ages
    • 81% are ages 35 – 64
    • 52% are women
  • Income
    • 50% have household income above $150,000
    • 34% have household income above $200,000
  • Education
    • 93% have undergraduate degrees
    • 52% have graduate or professional degrees
  • Participants
    • 100% are physically fit
    • 2,500,000 triathletes worldwide
    • 500,000 open water swimmers in the US

In addition, A Long Swim has raised $2 million since 2011. That funding has been provided by more than 3,000 donors who have made contributions of $5 to $25,000. A sponsor of A Long Swim will also enjoy exposure to this very attractive group, and the sponsor’s involvement will underscore the shared priority of finding a cure for the horrific disease that is ALS.

A Long Swim Corporate Sponsors will also enjoy:

  • Logo exposure displayed on event merchandise and t-shirts for swimmers and volunteers
  • Name and logo on all event signage
  • Marketing table exposure at A Long Swim events
  • Company profile on the A Long Swim website
  • Company name and logo included in media releases surrounding A Long Swim events
  • Blog post on the A Long Swim website outlining the corporate partnership
  • Announcements, posts and mentions on social media channels, utilizing special, agreed-upon hashtags

To inquire about corporate sponsorship levels, please contact Kate Himes.