A Long Swim Announces the Northwestern-to-Northwestern Swim for August 27, 2023

On August 27, 2023, a dozen swimmers, either solo or relay teams, will embark from Lighthouse Beach at Northwestern’s Evanston campus.  They will swim 13 miles south along the shore of Lake Michigan to Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine campus near Ohio Street Beach in downtown Chicago. 

A Long Swim will provide power boats and kayaks to escort the swimmers, commemorative gear, a swimming route along the most beautiful lakeshore in the world and a post-swim celebration at Ohio Street Beach.

In exchange, each swimming team, either solo or relay, will be responsible for raising a minimum of $5,000 for A Long Swim.  A Long Swim will provide each swimmer and relay with a website and the fundraising tools to capitalize on the opportunity. For more details contact our sponsored athlete team or fill out the Northwestern-to-Northwestern interest form.

“How do a bunch of swimmers celebrate such a successful collaboration? They bring the two Northwestern campuses together; they swim from one to the other.”

A Long Swim is a unique nonprofit that uses open water and marathon-distance swimming to raise funds for collaborative ALS research at the Ozdinler Lab at the Feinberg School of Medicine, part of Northwestern University.  

To date, A Long Swim has raised $2 million for that effort, and has been deeply gratified to see the pace of discovery to find a cure for ALS accelerate all the time.  It has been the collaboration that has made all the difference; as ALS research centers around the world work with one another and share ideas and information, the sun never sets on the progress to find a cure.  

Important connections that are often overlooked are the collaboration between the two campuses of Northwestern itself.  The undergraduate campus of the University, including the departments of the basic sciences, is located in Evanston, Illinois.  Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine is in downtown Chicago on the near north side.  The Ozdinler Lab at Feinberg collaborates closely with the Chemistry for Life Processes unit at the Evanston campus.  

That collaboration was catalyzed in part by donations from A Long Swim, and has yielded extraordinary results.  Specifically, the collaboration discovered a chemical compound that shows promise in halting, and in some cases, reversing, the degradation in upper motor neurons.  It is called NU-9, and it is now in the early stages of the FDA approval process.  Once it is approved, it will be a game-changer as a foundational building block to cure ALS.  

How do a bunch of swimmers celebrate such a successful collaboration?  They bring the two Northwestern campuses together; they swim from one to the other.  

How to Support

As the day approaches, watch  to track our swim and learn more about the swimmers.

You can support individuals and relay teams swimming NW2NW with donations to their individual crowdfunding pages or donate to A Long Swim directly:


If you are interested in swimming Northwestern-to-Northwestern in 2023 fill out the interest form to receive more information about the swim:

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