Drink Coffee for ALS II – The Magic is Back!

Cane Road Farm Coffee and A Long Swim

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Last year, a boutique grower of Hawaiian coffee, Cane Road Farm on the Hamakua Coast near Mauna Kea on the Big Island, donated the proceeds of one-half of its 2020 crop to A Long Swim.

Now it is 2021, and WE’RE BACK!  Cane Road Farm is donating 100% of its sales for its 2021 crop to A Long Swim!  That means, 100% of its SALES, not just 100% of its profits.  This is an amazing gesture of gracious generosity and creativity. 

Everyone knows that Hawaiian coffee is perhaps the most sought-after in the world.  There is magic in the combination of the minerals in which the plants grow, the sunlight that they enjoy every day, the rainfall for which Hawaii is famous, and the trade winds that blow steadily.  Hawaii is paradise, whether you’re a marathon swimmer, a sun worshipper, an anthropologist, or a coffee bean!

A member of the A Long Swim team has been a close friend for more than 50 years.  He and his family moved to the island of Hawaii (across the island from Kona, where the Ironman World Championships are held) a few years ago, and they decided to try their hand at being coffee farmers.

The coffee is simply out of this world.  It is hand-picked, sun-dried, carefully processed, and specially roasted.  They said it the best, “Our Hamakua Coast coffee has a rich smooth flavor with a pleasing dark chocolate finish. Sip a bit of Hawaii sunshine in each cup.”  A Long Swim teammates had the chance to taste this wonderful coffee last year, and they will agree – it is simply the best coffee you’ll ever have.

2020 was a crazy year for everyone.  A Long Swim was blessed that we were able to get creative and pivot so we could maintain our commitment to finding a cure for ALS.  Being selected by Cane Road Farm as their charity of choice was an absolute stroke of luck, and we are thrilled and humbled that we were selected again.

Now, it’s our turn.  Please fill your coffee pots with this tremendous coffee.  Buy a pound for the neighbor you worry about, and maybe one for the Amazon Prime driver.  Every pound you buy will put us closer to finding a cure for ALS.  Every pound you buy will accelerate the date when we meet an ALS survivor.

To order your coffee, go to www.CaneRoadFarm.com, and learn the story of how they gently grow and process these beans. Then, click on the “Shop” button and order away.  100% of what you spend will be sent to A Long Swim, and we simply couldn’t be more grateful.

As for our friends Chris and Hope, thank you so much for thinking of us again.


Cane Road Farm Coffee Hawaii and A Long Swim ALS

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